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Customer Service with Auto Responders

Customer service in a one on one base with each of your customers is ideal. In the offline world it works quite well but on the internet it fails badly. It is impossible to deal with your customers all over the world personally. It is here the auto responder comes into the picture.

Customer service with auto responder is easy and simple when the order is placed it sends out the receipt for the sale, the information for accessing the product and a ‘thank you’ email. This takes place whether you are at the computer or on a vacation. But customer service does not end there. If you are not at your computer you may be letting your customers down.

For example say an elderly man sees your advertisement and places an order for the product. Everything goes on smoothly and he receives the receipt the down load information and your ‘thank you’ email. Your product is on a book compiled into a PDF file. The gentlemen does not understand what a PDF file is and he has no idea what exactly you mean by ‘right click to download’. He is in need of additional customer service for the product he has purchased and except for the auto responder he has none available to help him.

Set up an extra auto responder to send out a list of frequently asked questions that deal with customer service or how to access the product. Have a support auto responder. If he sends a message has been received and how soon it will be addressed. This will comfort him wait till that time for help.

If he does not know hoe to download the product and sends a message or help and nothing happens he will be very much dissatisfied very soon. The difference between a patient customer and an angry customer is one simple auto responder message that can and should be set up with in five minutes.

Properly plan your ordering process and envisage the potential problems that your customers may face. Install an auto responder to address those problems. The customers will surely be more satisfied with your products and extremely happy with your customer service as your auto responders handle and solve the problems immediately.

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In Only 2 Minutes You Can Quickly and Easily Create A Sales Letter Guaranteed To Sell Your Product Or Service... Without Writing