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Auto Responders and Shopping cart Integration

It is always good to acknowledge immediately the purchase when people place orders through your website. This can be done through the use of an auto responder integrated with your shopping cart. Many available shopping carts today have their own auto responders built into the system.

You should include many things in the message while setting up your auto responder to send a message to the person who has placed the order. This is a wonderful chance to ‘speak’ to your customer and make them aware of other deals you have or other special items you have for them. Never miss this opportunity.

Don’t put your “thank You” sales message on the same auto responder as the customers email receipt. It is also a bad idea to put the sales message on an email automatically sent to grant the customer access to their purchase. That would be better with the receipt. Ensure that your “thank You” sales message sent separately so that the customer can focus on it solely.

Thanking the purchaser for his wise purchase speak about the great usefulness of the purchase and about other available products that supplement the recent purchase or certain other similar products like hair conditioner that works well with hair shampoo or vacuum cleaner bags or carpet powder working well with vacuum cleaner. Let them know about other products that complement their purchase.

It is most important that you always maintain contact with your customer. Imagine you are in a brick and mortar store. Going up to the counter to pay you see many other items for sale and to be picked up at the last minute or in an impulsive manner. This is the purpose served by your “thank you” sales letter.

Don’t bombard your customer by mistake. Send him messages periodically and inform about your special items. Don’t email them on a daily basis on your offers which cannot be called good business. Make use of your auto responder responsibly and to handle automatic remove request. Always ensure that whatever information you send is of good value to the customers.

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In Only 2 Minutes You Can Quickly and Easily Create A Sales Letter Guaranteed To Sell Your Product Or Service... Without Writing