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Personalizing Auto Responders

It is a rare phenomenon that you will be called by your name in a shop by the shop keeper. It is quite possible if you frequent the shop when the owner remembers you, calls you by your name and shows concern for your well being and business. This, in the offline world, is called customer support.

Similar customer service, though almost impossible on the internet, some faint idea can be seen if your auto responder messages are personalized. These messages can be set up to address people by their first or last name or both. There is quite a bit of personalized information for addition based on the auto responder you use.

Through the use of codes the information is included in the auto responder messages. Each auto responder utilizes different codes to insert information in the message. Just write your message and put the codes where you want the personalized information to appear. For example, your message may start out with ‘Hello’ (code for first name). In this case the individuals’ first name will be inserted where the code is.

Your response rate will automatically increase when you personalize your auto responder messages. According to research people more often open emails that are personalized with the persons first name and they are, in general, more receptive to the contents of the email message. You can easily write a message using the codes where you want the personalization. Then their personal information will appear where the codes are irrespective of the person to whom the email is sent.

But, to do this, the auto responder must gather the information first which is done by using forms that activate the auto responder. When you give away a free e book and the visitor fills out a form with his email address to receive the download instructions for the e book by email, that form collects all type of information for personalization like a first name and the email address. Failing this, the auto responder will have nothing to insert where the code appears in your messages.

Observe the control panel of your auto responder to find out the type of personalization you can add to your auto responder messages. The results will surely surprise you.

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