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Locally Hosted Email Responders

Locally hosted auto responders hosted through your web server are scripts or programs that you should have installed on your web server. The required database is SQL 2000 or mySQL. It is also necessary for you to purchase or lease programs or scripts written in ASP, Perl, or PHP.

Soon after installation a web browser is required to start using these programs, set them up and run your subscriber list. You need not be an expert in using these programs but a working knowledge of operating is absolutely necessary for good effect. Several flexible auto responders offer you powerful features. As a web master with your own site it is a great investment for you when you have a locally hosted email auto responder.

Locally hosted email responders are a great option in your internet marketing business and a large subscriber base in comparison to those of that are remotely hosted. Locally hosted programs are flexible and do not involve third parties. No company can host your auto responder as you will be doing everything yourself.

The best thing about the locally hosted email auto responders is that you own the program. You buy the software and you are its owner for the rest of your life. No other company can run it and you also save a lot of money in the long run. No monthly charges are involved. These are much better than the remote hosted responders.

License permitting, email responding can be run on multiple sites. A few will let you run multiple copies on many different websites where as for others you have to pay a small fee to upgrade first. To run multiple copies you find out how many copies or how many websites you can use the software with before you purchase. Thus you can decide on the cost of the software and if it is right for you.

You will have more control with locally hosted email auto responders than with a remote email responder. You will have more control over the data base also and a better range of customized features. Thus you can set things to your likings and gain total control.

A few locally hosted email responder programs let you customize the script further to suit to your requirements. You can do it yourself with knowledge of script languages or get it done for payment. You can even customize and fine line it as per your wish.

Many locally hosted email responders are available across the internet. The best among them include Post Master; send studio, and Intellisponder Pro. Many other great programs cost you money to use. Once bought, they are forever yours to use. You can never dispute the power and features of a locally hosted email responder for your online business.

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In Only 2 Minutes You Can Quickly and Easily Create A Sales Letter Guaranteed To Sell Your Product Or Service... Without Writing