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Using an Auto Responder to Publish an Ezine

Among the many uses of an auto responder publishing and distribution of an ezine or newsletter is one such use. As auto responder services send automatic responses to listed people at certain intervals of time after they sign up, setting up an auto responder to send out an ezine is a little confusing.

You require a ‘broadcast’ feature based on the auto responder you use. Except for one big difference, the feature works similar to the auto response feature. The messages, instead of being sent at intervals, are sent on a certain day irrespective of when the subscriber was added to the mailing list. ‘Broadcast messages are’ ‘one time’ messages sent to your current mailing list. Those who sign up after the broadcast do not get it without a request with an auto responder address that you have to set up.

By using the broadcast feature of many auto responder services, your newsletter can be simply typed or copied or pasted into the editor. Later you can send the broadcast to the mailing list. Broadcasting features are common to most advanced auto responder services.

Maintaining a mailing list through an auto responder and distinguishing a newsletter is a wonderful idea. The subscribers can opt in or opt out easily and your entire distribution is handles according to the schedule set. Without the automation by the auto responder’s list maintenance is impossible. Each issue of your ezine or newsletter can be written well in advance and delivered to your mailing list irrespective of where you stay or do. That is the beauty of automation.

It is not difficult to refer back to or allow people to request post issue because all past broadcast and auto responder messages are saved. By using the tracking feature for each issue of the newsletter you can find out the number of clicks for the different products or websites that you promote in your ezine.

Enquire about the broadcast feature first before buying an auto responder or signing up with any auto responder service. This feature is rare and not many auto responders or services have this. As you progress in your marketing you will realize that there is one of the most useful features of the program or services.

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In Only 2 Minutes You Can Quickly and Easily Create A Sales Letter Guaranteed To Sell Your Product Or Service... Without Writing