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Power Boost Your Profits With Pay Per Click Search Engines. This ppc advertising model gives you excellent ROI

Pay Per Click advertising - One of the Best Way to Get Highly Targeted Visitors to your Web Site.. Fast!

What is PPC (pay per click) advertising?

One of the quickest ways to pull lots of prospects to your web site is to get listed prominently in search engines. Unfortunately, with over one billion sites catalogued, your URL can get lost in the crowd. Pay-Per-Performance search engines give you a way around this problem. They list your site high for a fee. You can pay as little as a $.05 cents a click for each prospect the engine sends to your site. If no one clicks on your link, you don't pay. You can list dozens, even hundreds of keywords that will bring up your link.

With pay per click listings you can attract cheap, targeted visitors to your website. The disadvantage with this is obviously you need to pay and maintain your bid so as to remain at top. The advantage is that you get listed at top immediately and see the results straight away. I use pay per click advertising to attract targeted visitor to my site. Since the visitors are targeted they have a "open mind to buy" while coming to my website, which is so important to make a sale. I make a descent sales every week with this type of advertising.

The only disadvantage to pay per click search engines is that getting traffic for your most wanted keywords (i.e your main business keywords). With everyone aiming for the same keywords, the price can be bid up to several dollars per click. Common keywords that draw lots of prospects are probably well known to other businesses in your industry.

Just open an account with any of the PPC engines listed below. You choose how much you want to pay (vary between $0.05 to to $25….but you have full control over how much you pay) for a visitor based on keywords related to your business. If you set it at 5 cents, you will never pay more than 5 cents. For example, let's say you have a site that sells car accessories. You might want people to see your site when they search for "cheap car accessories". You can bid on a pay per click search engine so that your site is displayed for this search term.

The biggest pay per click search engines are Overture and Google Adwords . Actually Google Adwords is not a pay per click search engine, but a similar kind of model with more sophisticated features. First lets talk about Overture.. the way Overture works is that you bid for a search term, and the people who make the highest bids get to display their site first in the search engine. The reason why Overture is the biggest is because the top 3 results for each search term are displayed for everyone who searches on Yahoo, Info Space, Altavista and MSN as well as quite a few other large search engines. This means that a lot of people will see your site.

The Google Adwords program which work similar to other pay per click programs. But, the listing will not in the regular format, instead your site will be listed at the right hand side as sponsored results. Unlike Overture, where your ranking is based on the amount of bid for a particular keywords, in Google Adwords your ranking is based on the bid value and your ad CTR (Click Through Rate - which is nothing but number of times the ad displayed divided by number of times the ad clicked). I highly recommend you to read Andrew Goodman's "21 Techniques to Maximize your Profits on Google AdWords Select" - a special report that shows exactly how to get most out of Google Adwords Select or Perry Marshall's "The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords" which is again one of the best resource available today. He also offer a FREE 5-day email course to help you beat the adwords system fast.

The best way to test your new business projects is to use pay per click search engines. Build a page based on what you think people are looking for and buy some traffic from Overture or Google Adwords and test with your sales copy and determine your sales-conversion rates. Once you've tested all of the reasonable and likely possibilities, you know whether or not your project is successful or not.

There are also many other smaller pay per click sites. The advantage of these smaller pay per click search engines is that they usually cost a lot less to get the top spot. (Overture and Google Adwords can cost quite a lot to get the top spot). The best of the smaller ones are listed below. These will get you a reasonable amount of traffic (not as much as Overture or Google Adwords), but the traffic will usually cost quite a bit less.

To get more detail list of pay per click engines I would recommend you to visit

Let me tell how I use these pay per click search engines to get lots of targeted visitors. Well, the first thing you need to do is to research the keywords that you will need to focus on. This is crucial. You need to know what people actually type into the search engines to find your products or service. Follow these steps...

Step 1 : Create a list of 10 to 20 primary keywords. These words clearly describe your site.

Step 2 : Create a list of 50 - 100 secondary keywords. These words describe the nature of your business, but may not be directly related or appear on your site.

Use the overture keyword suggestion tool and google keyword analysis for help with keywords and phrases. You can also use wordtracker tool which do excellent keyword brainstroming. Though its a paid software, you can make use of the the free trial version available.

Next, you need to bid for the keywords that you want, on the various pay per click search engines. One problem you might encounter is that some of the pay per click search engines have high prices for the keywords you want. That is why you must one crucial thing ...that is your Visitor Value. It is nothing but how much money you make for every visitor you get to the site, its very very important.

Take for example, you sell a E-book on your site for $100. Assume that you make a one sale for every 100 visitors coming to your site, means your visitor value is $1.

So, with respect to the above example even if you are spending $0.50 cents to get a visitor using pay per click engine, you are making a $0.50 cents profit (gross profit, you can calculate the acutual profit by subtracting the overall expense) per visitor which is a really great.

I recommend you to use Site Build It! sotware where they have now implemented a new feature called Pay-per-click HQ. Quite simply, this tool allows you to automatically:

* brainstorm suitable keywords
* check top 20 existing bids on those keywords
* bid on keywords per cost, or...
* bid on keywords per position
* monitor your bids
* on all the major pay per click search engines.

Automatically? Yes, simply provide details of your login id, and password for each pay-per-click search engine you're a member of, and let Site Build It! do all the research and bidding work for you!

Yes, pay-per-click HQ is a massive time-saver and yet another compelling reason to invest in Site Build It! for your own website, business, or passion.

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Power Boost Your Profits With Pay Per Click Search Engines. This ppc advertising model gives you excellent ROI