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Ezine advertising, excellent way to promote your products or service online. Learn how to use free ezine advertising using ezine directory

Ezine Advertising - The Best Promotion Method

Ezine is an "electronic magazine",and its a publication sent by email to opt-in list of subscribers. As you might aware opt-in subscribers means not SPAM, the folks who read the newsletter are asked for it. There are literally thousands on ezines on every topic under the sun, starting from online business to cookery.

An ezine usually consists of an article or two based on the subject of the ezine, may be few classified advertisements, may be some information about the site that actually publishes the ezine.

I highly recommend you to read Turn Words Into Traffic - by Jim & Dallas Edwards to know the power of ezine advertising.

If you are so new to ezine and that you have never read one or don't know what it is please check the following site and subscribe to few ezines relating to your area of business.

Will ezines really benefit your online business?

Whatever you are selling online, I can guarantee that there is a market which is ready to buy your product. It does not matter if you really looking to intercept a small niche or a general audience, ezine marketing can help you in a big way. With literally millions of people reading through a stack of ezines every week, what lies in front of you is a perfact way to reach you targeted market.

There are two ways to promote your online business, through...

a) Your own ezine
b) Other ezine

The main advantage of having your own ezine is that it opens a direct communication between you and your prospective customers to have a long term business growth. Having the ability to send unlimited emails to your target customers, SPAM free, it will be like printing money every time you send out an email. While sending promotional mails to your prospective customers, pls personalize the message ( you can use mailloop software to send personalize email messages) because its a proven fact that people love to open the mail which contains their name in the subject or body of the message. By constantly growing your subscriber base, you are opening up the potential for more sales all the time.

The advantage of using other ezines to promote your business, is cost efficiency. You can get targeted advertising for low cost (for even $10, you can get an ezine ad). But you need to select only good ezines that has a descent subscriber list. Good idea to test which one would suit your business need is that you read the back issues of that particular ezine or subscribe yourself to that ezine.

Here are some excellent places to find valuable info on ezines:



Ezine advertising, excellent way to promote your products or service online. Learn how to use free ezine advertising using ezine directory