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Do not use these bad marketing techniques to promote your products or service online

Avoid these Bad Marketing methods

Listed below are few marketing techniques that I do not recommend as it would waste your valuable time, and more importantly, they won't generate any worthwhile income.

Guaranteed Hits - there are a number of sites selling you 'guaranteed hits'. What this usually means is pop-ups on other people's sites. You site will come up as a pop-up or pop-under when they visit the other site. The problem with 'guaranteed hits' is that they are also usually guaranteed to be very poor quality. Most people will close your site window immediately and will not take any notice of your site at all. You can get them pretty cheap however, and pop-ups can work for some products. If you do use this method, make absolutely sure that you track very carefully to find out how many sales you actually get from these 'hits'.

Banner Ads - Used to work well before, but definitely not now. Now the industry standard conversion rate (that number of clicks per thousand impressions) is less than 0.5%. So, instead of wasting your time and money by banner ads promotion, I would rather recommend you to use that bit of money other marketing methods which I decribed in the section generate traffic to your website.

Hit Exchanges or Traffic Exchanges : Again this is similar to the guaranteed hits that I have listed above which does not bring any quality traffic to your website. It works on credits (or number of points) basis where people are forced to visit other people websites for getting their own website to be viewed by some one. Its total waste of time and money.


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Do not use these bad marketing techniques to promote your products or service online